Family Matters Part I

Baseball is known as a game that can be shared by families. Some sons choose to follow in their father’s footsteps while sports genes are passed from parent to children. Other events and achievements can involve family members.

Listed below are some family matters and connections with the national pastime. This is the first of several posts that look into how some families have baseball connections.

Baseball, field hockey and ice hockey have been part of the Matheny family.

Baseball, field hockey and ice hockey have been part of the Matheny family.

Mike Matheny – Even though he grew up only about 20 minutes from The Ohio State University campus, St. Louis manager Mike Matheny was a co-captain for the University of Michigan baseball team. His wife, Kristin, played field hockey for the Wolverines. In addition, the Matheny’s son, Tate, plays baseball for Missouri State. Their daughter, Katie, will begin playing collegiate ice hockey this winter for, ironically, Ohio State.

Doug Henry – While pitching in the minors, he decided to quit baseball. However, Henry’s wife Monique purchased a non-refundable plane ticket to watch him pitch in Beloit, Wisc. She successful talked her husband into continuing baseball. He pitched 11 seasons for Milwaukee, New York Mets, San Francisco, Houston and Kansas City from 1991 to 2001. Henry was a career 34-42 with 82 saves.

Mark Knudson – He was only 1-6 combined with Houston and Milwaukee in 1986. Knudson’s only win and first major league victory came on July 10 in an 11-4 victory over Philadelphia. Could this have been a present for his parents? They were celebrating their 32nd wedding anniversary that same day.

Dave Clark – His family probably spent a lot of time at live sporting events or watching them on TV throughout the entire year. Clark spent 13 seasons for seven teams from 1986 to 1998. Meanwhile, his brother, Louis, had a six-year career from 1987 to 1992 as a wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks.


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